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Company Honor
1984 Model A110-2 nitrogen synthesis catalyst was approved by the National Quality Award Examination Committee awarded the silver medal.
Nitrogen catalyst workshop was awarded in 1985 Provincial People's Government of Zhejiang Province "model worker advanced collective" title
1989 commissioned by the Ministry to accept chemical, nitrogen synthesis catalyst designated national professional standards (the standards promulgated in 1990, implemented by the Ministry of Chemical Industry), Ministry of Chemical Industry Science and Technology Progress Award
1989 Ministry of Chemical Industry "for the fertilizer industry to contribute Unit"
1989 A110-2 awarded the silver medal to continue the review confirmed

The main results of the catalyst A301
1992 through the national identification
1993 by the former Ministry of Chemical Industry and Technology Progress Award
1993 was the country's new product, former Ministry of Chemical Ten new chemical technologies applicable
1995 National Invention, included the former Ministry of Chemical Industry focus on promoting scientific and technological achievements
1996 included in the "Ninth Five" national scientific and technological achievements to promote the plan, approved by the State Planning Commission, high-tech industrialization projects
1997 was awarded the China Patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization Chinese patent inventions Gold
2000 was named China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association nitrogen ten high-tech industry
China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association made ​​a formal recommendation to the whole industry in 2001
A301 catalyst since August 1991 operation, has accumulated sales of more than 12000 t, more than 300 domestic fertilizer plants in use, has made remarkable social benefits. 2001 A301 catalyst for the first time exported to Europe, successfully applied to 450 000 t / a synthetic ammonia plant