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A301 low-temperature low-pressure ammonia synthesis catalyst

A301 low-temperature low-pressure ammonia synthesis catalyst , a new generation of ferrous -based ammonia synthesis catalyst company with Zhejiang University of Technology , Institute jointly developed catalysts .
Active starting temperature is low, the active zone width , highly active , easily restored , and high strength, anti -toxic and strong advantages.
Since 1991 the market has spread rapidly applied , the Tata with a diameter from 500 ~ 2000, including double casing, three casing and flow baffles , cold shock , cold shock of a cold , a shaft diameter and almost all of the internal parts of domestic structures . Applicable to coal, oil , gas and other raw gas processes. In a small ammonia fertilizer catalyst continuous operation for up to six years , tons of ammonia catalyst consumption reached 45g, more than the international advanced level . The catalyst was exported to Russia in 2001 , successfully applied to 450,000 tons of large ammonia plant , 2002 A301 -type pre- reduction catalyst successfully used Chinese Nuclear Industry Jianfeng Chemical Plant 300,000 tons of large ammonia plant .

Use A301 ammonia synthesis catalyst can bring considerable benefits for you in the following areas
Restore time by 20 ~ 40h reduce operating pressure 1.5 ~ 3.0Mpa Operating temperature decreased 20 ~ 30 engage in ammonia production capacity by 15% to 20 % higher improve the content of inert gas to reduce venting.

Model A110-2 ammonia synthesis catalyst is the company's traditional products, production since 78 years, the majority of fertilizer companies are welcome, stable product quality, simple operation. The products have been awarded the title of excellent ministerial, provincial, 84, 89 in the second time won the national quality silver medal. Wu Jing has successfully applied to Shanghai and Daqing Petrochemical 300,000 tons of synthetic ammonia plant.

ZA-5 type catalyst for ammonia synthesis, is another iron-based ammonia synthesis catalyst company with Zhejiang University of Technology, Institute of catalyst to develop, on the basis of its activity in the A301 has raised by one percentage point, at present, has been successfully applied in Shaanxi Xingping medium-sized ammonia plant.