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Shangyu catalyst limited liability company in the two countries enterprises (Shangyu Chemical Plant, established in 1970 ) , outside the provincial advanced enterprises in Zhejiang Province , Zhejiang Province, the first batch of high-tech enterprise zone , specializing in the production of A301 , Type A110-2 ammonia synthesis catalyst ZA-5 type, etc., is a catalyst fertilizer industry backbone enterprises .
Shangyu catalyst LLC adhere to the " quality first " and "customer first" and " integrity management " concept. Implementation of total quality management , the establishment of IS09002 quality assurance system , the implementation of " quality engineering " , so that product quality and service quality has always been in the industry leading level, which type A110-2 ammonia synthesis catalyst for seven consecutive years industry quality first assessment , 84 years 89 consecutive years by the National quality Silver . A301 low-temperature low-pressure ammonia synthesis catalyst was born invention , so that the " 80 years of research work first with the ammonia synthesis catalyst a substantive breakthrough " product performance in " the international advanced level ."
Shangyu catalyst LLC, has established a perfect quality assurance system, advanced testing equipment. By 1S09002 2001 quality system certification . Quality Department was named as a class inspection agency , has excellent catalyst performance evaluation device , bear drafted A109, A110 , such as ammonia synthesis catalyst national professional standards.
Shangyu Catalysts LLC , designed as for technological innovation and improvement 86 years to 91 years , with extraordinary perseverance through hard work more than five years to complete the pilot A301 low temperature and pressure ammonia synthesis catalyst to achieve the industrial production , so that our " first time in 80 years with the ammonia synthesis catalyst substantial progress " , but also to make our ammonia synthesis catalyst technology leapt international advanced level. 96 years and completed a pilot ZA-5 type catalyst for ammonia synthesis , so that our original iron -based ammonia synthesis catalyst technology has taken a step forward . In 1998 , the company implemented "boutique projects" , performed research for the improvement of products and other items angle grinding technology , and achieved the desired results. Strengthen the grinding angle ammonia synthesis catalyst is unique in the industry.
Shangyu Catalysts LLC , long insisted catalyst application technology research firm technical services team, was named the Ministry of Chemical Industry as "excellent technical service team" title. Shangyu Catalysts LLC , capital strength , bank credit AAA.